I understand numbers aren’t for everyone, especially when they come in the form of financial statements and tax returns.  That’s why I’m here…to help make sense of all those numbers!!

My approach may be a bit unorthodox from other accountants. I will ask that we meet at your home, your office or somewhere else you enjoy.  I want you to be in a familiar space and feel comfortable when we meet.

You will also find me asking questions about your life, not just your finances.  Why?  I want to get to know you as a person and how you like to live your life. Doing so helps me develop systems to make the tax return preparation and/or business accounting processes easier for you.  It also allows me to see if there are any deductions we might be missing or ways we can make you more profitable.

I like to build long-term relationships with my clients.  While I am professional, I am also casual and easy-going.  I want my clients to feel comfortable calling me when they have questions or when something comes up during the year.  Not only do I like to know how you’re doing and what’s going on in your life, but talking with you throughout the year also provides me the opportunity to see if there are any changes you could be making to increase your profits and/or lower your taxes.

What My Clients are Saying About Me…

We continue to be thrilled with Alison’s work and consistent support. She is smart and thorough, making the sometimes intimidating practice of tax preparation easy to understand and somehow fun. I would recommend her all day long.

Angie Galimanis Owner/President at Lawrence Public Relations

I LOVE that I can put anything and everything in Alison’s hands, and not worry. I cannot do everything on my own, so having a reliable accountant is crucial beyond measure. There is nothing Alison cannot handle. No matter who/what/when/where, the issue is always defused professionally. I would not be in the amazing financial situation I’m in without the services provided by Alison.

Matthew Smith Owner/President of Platinum Business Consulting

I couldn’t have started by business without Alison’s patience, guidance and encouragement. She taught me in simple terms what I needed to do for my accounting systems and tax preparation. She takes the stress out of tax time!


Lisa Derks Owner/Managing Member at Aletheia, LLC

Alison Hlas is a consummate professional. At every instance, she gave me the right advice, at the right time, to help me and my family succeed with what can often feel like an arduous process. Alison is intelligent, dedicated and makes the process fun while remaining professional. The materials and documents you receive are clear and of high quality. I recommend Alison Hlas and Advanced Accounting Solutions without hesitation.


Matthew P. Rotchford Director at Portland Expo Center and Professional Musician

I know very little about accounting but Alison makes it easy for me to get my things in order. I don’t have to worry if I’ve missed anything because she’s very thorough and knows her stuff. I really appreciate her insightful advice and easy-going manner. She’s the best!


Heather Stewart Marketing Director at Carpenter Smith Consulting

I had never used the Quickbooks program and Alison was very patient with me, giving me the freedom to ask millions of questions without making me feel incompetent. She is a great mix of fun and professionalism. I actually look forward to our biannual meetings!


Laurie Sterkowicz Controller at Lawrence Public Relations, Inc.