About Us

At Advanced Accounting Solutions, we treat our clients like family! Your financial goals are important to us and we work in partnership with you to help you achieve your goals. Whether we are providing income tax preparation, business consulting services or tax planning strategies, we provide a personalized, human approach that is actually enjoyable. We strive to make the whole tax experience as stress free as possible and explain the results in terms our clients can understand.

Our Tax Pro: Alison Hlas, EA, LTC


I grew up on a farm in northern Idaho where I learned the value of hard work, strong relationships and a love of nature. My dad treated our family like a team…we all needed to work together in order for the farm to succeed. And, since we depended on the farm for our food, it was important for it to be successful! While I hated the never-ending chore list, I loved taking care of the animals and having the opportunity to experience/appreciate where my food comes from.

After high school, I went to college where I worked in the financial aid office and also became a nanny (I love kids!).  In the summers, I spent my time selling concessions at the Gorge amphitheater in George, Washington. I loved that job!  I got to work with my friends and catch every amazing concert that came to the venue.

After graduating from Central Washington University with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, I moved to Portland and began working at a local public accounting firm. Talk about heaven…the firm had amazing systems for tax preparation. Learning in that environment was wonderful! I had my challenges (the managing partner and I didn’t see eye to eye on most things), but I discovered I loved working with business owners and helping them develop accounting systems that work for them. Each person is different and how they learn/like to work is different. It’s important to create a system that will work for the client, not a system that works for the accounting firm. That was an important lesson.

I also discovered that I love taxes. Well, I don’t love taxes…in fact, I don’t like taxes at all!  What I love is helping my clients strategize to save money on taxes. That’s the fun stuff!

After a number of years with the firm, I was ready for a change. I took a job as an accounting manager at Intel at the urging (or should I say, begging) of a friend who was also an accounting manager at Intel. I was never drawn to corporate America and had no intention of ever working for a large corporation…which is why I took the position. I figured it would give me the chance to see if working for a large company was something I might enjoy. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a steady paycheck with awesome benefits?!?  Apparently, me!  After a few years, the amount of time and effort I was putting into the job didn’t seem worth the paycheck any longer.  So, I came to terms with the fact that working for a large corporation wasn’t for me.  In fact, after some soul searching, I realized working for any company wasn’t for me.  At that point, my entrepreneurial spirit took over and Advanced Accounting Solutions was born.  For the past 15 years, I have been building my business and working with clients I actually want to spend time with. That’s the best part…getting to work with my friends!

What do I do when I’m not working?  I love hiking, camping, backyard BBQs, traveling, going to concerts and spending time with my friends & family.  I also enjoy baking and cooking, so if I’m not outside, I’m usually in the kitchen!